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A-Level Athletics values dedication, determination, and a steadfast commitment to achieving excellence. Rooted in our mission to create new opportunities for athletes through Passion, Hard Work & Consistency, we are dedicated to fostering athlete development, beyond the realm of sports to encompass educational, personal, and lifelong growth. 

Established in 2020, A-Level Athletics, headed by Coach and Club Directors Julia Borges and Angel Allen, lives by the belief that performance on the court is a direct result of the effort put in during practice.


  • PASSION: We believe that every young athlete possesses untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. By nurturing their passion, we empower athletes to reach new heights of excellence.

  • HARD WORK: Our philosophy values holistic, well-rounded development. We recognize that success in sports is intertwined with educational achievement and personal well-being. A balanced approach creates resilient, fulfilled individuals. Hard work is required. We will always ask that our athletes bring their best during every practice, game or event.

  • CONSISTENCY: We hold commitment to the principles of consistency as foundational elements of achievement. We encourage our athletes to strive for excellence in their pursuits. In their consistent effort to do this, they will develop new habits that will propel them forward in whatever future endeavors they want to pursue.