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Play College Sports

We aim to provide athletes of different modalities with the opportunity to play and study at a university in the United States with a scholarship.

The process starts by assessing the profile of each athlete, understand their financial needs, know their academic intentions and sports skills. Once this is done, we can look for the best possible possibilities.

We understand that every athlete has different end goals. The US has some of the best universities in the world and has great opportunities for many different career paths. Whatever your end goal may be, we want to help you get started in the right direction.

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When completing your Athlete Profile, it is important that you include any national or international titles you have participated in. If you have received individual awards it is highly recommended to mention it in your profile. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their individual and team skills. The more talent in and out of the sport, the better your chances of getting a full scholarship. Full scholarships can cover not only studies, but also housing and food for the student-athlete.

 IMPORTANT. American universities do not allow professional athletes as their leagues are considered amateur. In case of doubt regarding your professional status, send us an email.


Send your academic, athletic information and our team will evaluate your profile.


We will do our best to match your profile with institutions according to your preferences and characteristics.


Stay ready while you are waiting. We provide training. Acknowledge and understand what to expect.


Our mission is not accomplished until the day of your graduation. We will help in every step along the way. 


A-Level é uma família e nós tratamos os nossos atletas dessa forma.

Experiência em primeira mão da nossa equipe. Ex-atletas graduados nos Estados Unidos.

A chance de elevar o seu jogo ainda mais com os nossos Coaches.

Competir em uma das maiores e mais competitivas ligas do mundo.

Explorar os Estados Unidos e suas diferentes culturas que o país tem a oferecer.

Acesso ao (OPT) para trabalhar nos Estados Unidos durante ou após a graduação.

Ganhar um diploma de uma universidade americana.

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